Searching for spare parts

Depending on your suitcase brand the model number can be found in different places. For the brands for which we offer spare parts on our site you can follow our instructions on how to find the model number.

Depending on the suitcase brand it may be possible that suitcases are shipped without a model number.

This may have many different reasons e.g. that the item has been sold before model numbers have been introduced by the brand.

Unfortunately, we only offer spare parts for suitcases which have a model number. Also, most brands do not offer spare parts anymore for items which are very old and may not have a model number.

To guarantee that our spare parts exactly fit your suitcase we do not identify the spare parts based on their look but based on the suitcase model number.

Unfortunately, at this time our service team will not be able to assist you to identify the required parts based on images.

We are continuously expanding the list of brands we work with to offer you a wide selection of spare parts from many different brands.

At the moment we can unfortunately not offer you spare parts for brands not listed on our site. In such cases we recommend reaching out to the retailer whom you have purchased the item from to seek assistance.

Regardless if your suitcase brand is listed on yet or not you still have the option of registering an account on our site. This allows you to save the details of your suitcase, the model number and even upload the purchase receipt to ensure you have all details ready should you need spare parts or need to file a warranty claim.

Many spare parts may look similar at first sight. However, you should act with caution as selecting the spare parts based on images often leads to purchases of the wrong spare parts. Instead we recommend you to search for your suitcase model number to find the matching parts.

While the parts may look different the wheel height, the shape of the wheel housing, the positioning of the screws or the length of the telescopic handle may be different from the part currently installed on your suitcase. If the spare part is only slightly different from the currently installed spare part the spare part will in most cases not fit properly.

Spare Part Knowledge

Unfortunately, something such a universal suitcase replacement wheel does not exist.

Each suitcase wheel is designed to fit a specific suitcase. Hence, the shape of different wheels, the positioning of the screws as well as the height of the wheels and even the placement of the wheel on the wheel housing may be different for each suitcase wheel.

Selecting a wheel which is only slightly different from the original wheel will lead to the wheel not fitting correctly. In many cases this can be seen by the wheel housing not fitting well on the shell, the screw holes not aligning or the remaining wheels showing increased wear after the wheel has been changed.

To avoid such problems at we offer spare parts which perfectly match your suitcase. All you have to do is to search for your suitcase model number.

It is not unusual to find a wheel on our site which looks similar to the wheel which is currently installed on your suitcase.

As each suitcase wheel is designed to fit a specific suitcase we recommend searching for your model number instead to ensure it fits on your suitcase. Even different sizes of the same model may use different parts so that you must search for each suitcase separately.

You can find more information on how to proceed in such cases on this page.

Brands regularly make updates to products to further improve their performance or to replace parts if they are no longer available or for other reasons.

In some cases the brand may choose to leave the model number of the suitcase unchanged despite the spare parts having changed. This is often done if the parts have a similar visual appearance.

In such cases it is important to understand that often the spare parts are not interchangeable and must be replaced with the exact same part to guarantee fit.

Hence, after searching for your suitcase model number you may be asked to compare which spare part is currently used on your suitcase. To identify what part is currently used on your suitcase you have to compare the design of the parts to your suitcase. The differences are often very small such as slight deviations in the wheel cap design, a different logo or button placement or in case of telescopic handles even a different shape of the tubes.

In case you have trouble distinguishing which part you need please do not hesitate to reach out to our service team for further guidance.

Depending on the exact suitcase model you own and the age of the item it may be possible to use the spare parts of another suitcase on your product.

If this is the case you will find a small button on the product page which will allow you to display alternative spare parts which may fit your item.

Please note: As these parts have originally been designed for another suitcase model our fitting guarantee does not apply when purchasing alternative parts. In many cases it is very likely that the spare part will fit your suitcase exactly (e.g. if the spare part just has another color), however as it is not the original spare part for your specific item we cannot guarantee fit (e.g. in rare cases the placement of the screws might be different).

Unfortunately, if no such option is displayed on the product page we are currently not able to offer you alternative parts fitting your suitcase.

If the spare part for your suitcase is currently sold out you have two options:

  1. Look out for alternative products. For some products alternative spare parts may be available which have originally been designed for another suitcase model but will with a high likelihood also fit your product.
  2. Subscribe to be notified. If a spare part is sold out we will do our best to restock it (if possible). As the supply for some spare parts may be limited you have the option to be notified by email once the part you need is available again. To subscribe simply visit the product page and click the 'Notify Me When Available' button to subscribe.

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